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Exclusive & Corporate Services

At Soul Glow Psychotherapy, we serve a diversity of clients with different values, needs, and lifestyles. Exclusive services are offered to our clientele who have more specific therapeutic needs, complicated lifestyles and/or business practices, or situations that make it difficult to follow a normal treatment plan and frequency, or would prefer a custom experience. Please see the available services. 

For small or community businesses and corporations, we offer consultations, topic specific sessions, and trainings for an array of mental health, social justice, and related topics. Please inquire via email about these services.

Concierge Therapy Services

Concierge therapy involves mental health and wellness services intentionally offered on a small scale. This type of therapy centers on individualized, client-centered, approaches to mental healthcare. While this type of therapy is not, in itself, an evidence-based practice, we still offer science-based methods of treatment. Concierge therapy differs from other forms of therapy in how it is offered.


Traditional mental health services might have clients coming into the office or visiting via telehealth once a week or a few times a month. Concierge therapy is less structured than traditional practices, making therapists more accessible to clients during their healing process, or extending sessions, for example. Other examples of concierge services include, but are not limited to: travel or home visits, dining sessions, gym accompaniment, walk therapy, projects, unscheduled meetings, etc. Clients can also access their therapist in-person, online, and through messaging. 

We offer concierge therapy to only a few patients at a time in order to remain available and open to each of our clients throughout the healing process. For example, if a client is going through a particularly difficult moment or situation, they can pick up the phone and call their therapist the same day rather than having to wait days or weeks until their next scheduled visit for help and attention. 

Please contact us for more information. As with all other non-exclusive services at SGP, we generally do not accept insurance as a way to eliminate barriers to services. These services begin at $500 per hour. 

Retreats & Private Healing Parties

At Soul Glow Psychotherapy we understand and appreciate that healing comes in many forms. We offer private one time group services that are tailored to the needs of your group, party, etc. Please inquire about these services by contacting us with a consultation email. These services begin at $500 per hour and vary by location, group size, and components of the direct services provided. 

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