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Psychotherapy is a serious investment towards a better you. People often find that 7-24 sessions of weekly or bi-weekly psychotherapy helps them to reach their therapeutic goals. Others will need or prefer slower long-term therapy. Please see below. 

Individual Therapy

Intake Fee

The initial appointment is $250. This session will be approximately 60-70 minutes , as I will be gathering information about you and creating an initial and tentative treatment plan.

Regular Session Fee

Weekly appointments are $230 for one 50 minute session. In these sessions we will discuss what's important to you, process difficult feelings, brainstorm ideas, and create plans for change in your life. 

Couples/Family Therapy 


Intake and Regular Sessions

Sometimes clients' primary focus for therapy are relationship or marital concerns, or family challenges. You and your partner, or family members will have a joint intake session for 90 minutes, which is $300 for couples, and starting at $360 for families. Subsequent sessions are the same fee for 60 minute couples sessions and 70 min family sessions. On occasion it will be necessary to meet individually as issues arise that are specific to the individual and needs specific attention--please discuss fees at the time of scheduling. As a note, it is preferred that each person have an individual therapist (other than Dr. Greer), but this is not necessary. Furthermore, if you have been seen as an individual client first, I will not be able to see you for couples therapy. Thank you for your understanding. However, if you are a current individual client needing a situation specific joint session with a family member to support your progress in therapy, that is also available.

**Please note that at this time I only accept Aetna insurance, as I am mostly private pay (out-of-pocket). Having a private practice and mainly accepting fees from clients allows me to provide the best and most appropriate care for your treatment goals. You are allowed to use psychotherapy to enhance your life in many ways that insurance providers may not cover. 

Group Therapy

Please inquire about this service. You must be engaged in, or recently completed, individual therapy with SGP, or have an external therapist you are currently working with. Each group session is $120 for a 70 min group session; discounts may be available for current clients. 


Walk & Talk Therapy

This service is provided for active clients (or motivated to get active clients) who are already receiving services and would like to create a physical and mental health experience. If you are interested in walking sessions, or would simply like to try, while receiving psychotherapeutic services, please inquire about availability for this service. You must be in East Contra Costa County CA for this service; or you will be charged a concierge fee (please see concierge services).

If you are an existing client, you will likely need to change your appointment day and time for this service, so please also inquire about availability. 

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