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About Me

As a psychologist, I have many interests in well-being, psychological phenomena, and clinical treatments. My primary role is to provide psychotherapy to patients with psychological and emotional distress, and relationship concerns. I currently practice as an outpatient mental health provider treating a range of disorders and mental health concerns. Also, as an eating disorder specialist, I encourage patients to become medically stable and establish healthier relationships with food and self through individual psychotherapy and other healing modalities. For this treatment, patient must have regular care with their primary physician.  I also do public speaking, seminars, workshops, and I serve as an associate professor to graduate students in clinical psychology at the John F. Kennedy School of Psychology and Social Sciences at National University. I do not offer psychological testing at this time, but I am open to other psychological activities including consultation about clinical, educational and diversity issues.

Dr. Kalana Greer



Kalana Greer, Psy.D.

Doctor of Clinical Psychology

Founder of Soul Glow Psychotherapy​

2023 NAACP Rising Mental Health Award

2023 City of Antioch Mental Health Award 

2023 California State Legislature Award 


I am a Bay Area California native and alumna of UC Berkeley--GO BEARS! I am blessed to be partnered and a mother of four beautiful children and a cute Tuxedo cat. I have many friends around the country and internationally who teach me a lot about myself and the world. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends.

I am interested in cultural enrichments activities, community service and international travel. I enjoy the arts, specifically singing, dancing and theatre performance.

I enjoy reading and learning about self-empowerment, science discoveries and random events around the world. I find interest in reading about natural medicine, holistic health and unconventional treatment modalities. My professional reading interests are typically around couples and marital issues, eating disorders, trauma, and cultural psychology, specifically indigenous (international) psychology.

Thank you for trusting me with your time and your health. 


I have known Dr. Greer as a colleague since 2008. She is a 'straight shooter' and does not mince her words. She offers a delicate balance of holding reality, while challenging one to courageously examine those parts that may be unhealthy thinking and choices, not in service of ones higher self or highest good. She provides and promotes non-judgmental self-reflection and self-acceptance. With humility and kindness, Dr. Greer is unafraid of unearthing "the ugly" so that one can address it authentically...with her unwavering one's own time.

-Dr. Jei Watkins, Psy.D.



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