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My Psychotherapy Approach

My therapy approach is focused on our relationship, the development and implementation of specific strategies towards client identified goals, and your overall well being. Client goals may include symptom reduction for a mental disorder or traumatic experience, enhanced professional performance, personal satisfaction, and improved physical health through better lifestyle choices. Psychotherapy may address specific ways to overcome personal challenges, including life transitions, career changes and satisfaction, resilience strategies, relationship skills and family interaction training. Psychotherapy is often solution focused on specific problems and resources, but may also be a relational or experiential experience. Psychotherapy usually includes a mental health diagnosis, emotional processing, effective interventions, or other forms of mental health treatment. My practice focuses on  personal strategic plans with values clarification, brainstorming, motivational counseling, and other therapy techniques.

I provide psychological (CBT, psychodynamic, DBT, strength-based, narrative, etc=integrative), life, and systems psychotherapy to individuals, and couples. My combined experience as an African-American woman, mental     health professional, mother, and professor, informs my professional judgment, advice and methods. This may include:

  • Multi-cultural awareness on a personal level (or business environment)

  • Relationship harmony through specfic behavioral modification

  • Career Advice and development

  • Self-awareness and goal planning

  • Resilience through self-care enhancement

My approach is based on values of harmony and balance. I work with my clients to think holistically about their life goals to create a plan that addresses personal goals, family or relationship enhancement, money management, and career goals. I provide psychotherapy to meet lifes challenges and navigate solutions more effectively. The outcome often produces a heightened sense of self-worth within your family and community, more balance regarding lifestyle, stability as it relates to money and career goals, and overall increased well-being.

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